Move&Dual Shock Controller Charging Station with Stand for PS3 Slim

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CTA Digital announces the Move & Dual Shock Controller Charging Station with Stand for PS3Slim.

This sleek solution can effectively transform PS3 gaming gear from a wired tangle to a modern and organized gaming station. The new stand matches the modern style, color and finish of the pS3 Slim, making an elegant statement while clearing up the component clutter.PS3 Slim move controller charger

Tossing controllers down in a heap after a game playing session means an unsightly mess and uncharged units the next time you want to play. Using USB charging cables from the front of the PS3 is limited since you can only charge two items at a time, and is also rather inconvenient.

CTA’s new stand makes it fashionably easy to keep gear neat and recharged, ready for play at any time. All you have to do is drop the controllers onto their respective slots and they’ll begin charging automatically and wirelessly. The two Move charging bays accept both Motion and Navigation controllers. Status lights at each charging bay are red when charging and turn blue when the controller is charged and ready to use. The controllers easily slide into and dock firmly in correct position, charging every component’s rechargeable batteries while being stored. Proper alignment in the cradle guarantees a full charge by design.

The PlayStation Move and DualShock Charging Station with Stand for the PS3 Slim will be available soon at, Best Buy, Target and other retailers that carry CTA Digital products.

CTA Digital 5-in-1 PS3 Slim, Move charger

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