Killzone 3 – All Eight Multiplayer Map Details

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The eight maps will support multiple game modes, jetpacks, weapons and up to 24 players per game.


Once the home of Scolar Visari himself, this upscale district on the banks of the Corinth River is now the site of intense fighting between the Helghast and the ISA. Though largely untouched by the nuclear blast that destroyed much of Pyrrhus city, the partially collapsed highway stands as testament to the intense fighting that has ravaged the area in recent months. WASP rocket emplacements and capturable Mortar Beacons will help even the odds against the exoskeletons that dominate the highway.


In the ruins of Pyrrhus, nuclear Petrusite flows from the blast crater, twisting itself around the mangled remains of this once bustling city. The ISA have established research stations to analyze the Petrusite, and the Helghast have already started to harvest the Petrusite in order to weaponize it.


After weeks of fighting, ISA and Helghast forces are deadlocked. Recent flooding has forced both sides to take shelter in buildings bordering a major thoroughfare. Pitched battles roll through the tight alleyways and building interiors daily but the long sightlines make crossing the road a dangerous proposition. Who will break the stalemate?


In a last, desperate attempt to escape Helghan, the ISA have launched an assault on the ’Tharsis’ space elevator. Jetpacks and Minigun emplacements will give an upper hand to anyone that can secure them. Recent fighting has damaged the turbine powering the elevator, causing a malfunction that produces intermittent EMP discharges. A nearby blast crater serves as a valuable source of nuclear Petrusite but the Helghast will not hesitate to sabotage if it means stopping the ISA.


Abandoned for years, the dam facility in the frozen south has recently been occupied by the Helghast who are using it as a forward operating base to co-ordinate their presence in the region. Controlling Mortar Beacons and the numerous Tactical Spawn Areas is key to securing this sprawling facility.


Helghan is a planet of extremes and nowhere is that more evident than here, in the frozen wastes. Violent snowstorms are common in the area, which has recently become a flashpoint of fighting between Helghast and ISA forces vying for control of the mining and radar operations in the area.


One of the few remaining active scrap yards in the region, the Sukmere Pit is a vital processing facility. An intricate conveyor system runs throughout the yard, transferring detritus from the southern-most pit to the train station and crusher in the north of the facility. Many a careless worker has died trying to cross the yard when the crusher is active.


Amidst the wreckage of a downed ISA Cruiser, the survivors of the failed evacuation of Helghan fight for their lives against a Helghast enemy bent on their annihilation but they are not the only predators in the area; the jungle, the plants and insects that call it home are friend to no-one.

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