Mythos Closed Beta Sneak Peek Begins Thursday, Runs until 31st

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Frogster Online Gaming announced that the one week closed beta sneak peek for Mythos will kick off this Thursday and run until the following Monday (January 31st).

Satyrs are sharpening their horns, Humans are stretching their muscles, Gremlins are perking up their ears, and Cyclopes are tweezing their unibrows – all with good reason: The closed beta of the hack´n´slash MMO Mythos is starting on the 8th of February.

Fans will be able to get a first glimpse of the Mythos beta in the “beta sneak peek” which runs from 27th to 31st  January.

Mythos will initially  be available in English but other language versions are scheduled to appear over the course of the closed beta. Registration is now taking place on the official website,, where  gamers  will get the opportunity of being part of the sneak peek and the closed beta. Fans that already have keys can simply enter them on the official website allowing them to continue once the beta commences. Registration on the website will still be possible after the start of the beta.

During the test phase, monster hunters will be able at first to explore the first two regions, Greenreach and Bloodbristle Desert, and get their character up to level 27.

More information on the beta and the sneak peek coming soon to

Mythos Game Features

  • Hack`n`Slash meets Online Role-Playing
  • Randomly-generated dungeons and items
  • Powerful crafting and item upgrading available
  • Fully-customisable range of four player races and three character classes
  • Challenging single and multiplayer PvP battles
  • Free regular and extensive updates with new game content
  • No monthly fees, free to download
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