2029 Online Gets Powerful Chat Tools

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Information is power, and with new chat tools coming to 2029 Online in the latest version of the game, players have new ways to stay connected with friends and acquaintances alike. All it takes is a click to see details for linked items, teleport to another player, and much more.

In 2029 Online, players have long been able to communicate through the World Channel, which is visible to everyone, or use specialized chat channels like Local, Whisper, and Trade. While it’s easy enough to stay in touch even when you’re on different maps, the 2029 Online team wanted to give players access to more tools that would make staying connected – and making connections – easier than ever.

The new tools allow players to link items or equipment in the available chat channels, trade or team up with others, or join a guild. You can even see other players’ information, including the target’s class, guild, location, and online status. You’ll also be notified when friends log into/out of the game.

To access a variety of features, simply click a player’s name and choose from several available options, including whisper, teleport to the target, add as a friend, join the target’s guild, and other shortcuts. With a click of your mouse, the power of information is there at your fingertips.

These new tools are just one way the 2029 Online team continues to prove its dedication to building a stronger community for the players. Visit http://2029.igg.com for the latest on 2029 Online, or visit http://www.igg.com for more about IGG’s growing family of games.

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