Gods Eater Burst – Kongou Details

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Kongou is an Aragami built like a gigantic ape-man. Characterized by its agility and brutal attacks, it will assemble a herd to launch an attack. First appeared in the Far East, Eurasian continent.

Kongou fires vacuum waves from the pipe-shaped organs on its back. When enraged, it boosts its speed and attack power. Should several Kongou’s activate simultaneously, it is best to be vigilant.

Vulnerability: Spark

Gods Eater Burst will be released in North America as an enhanced edition of Japan’s best-selling God Eater. The game, which will hit shelves in Spring 2011, re-imagines the post-apocalyptic world with an original and dramatic story of human survival against overwhelming odds. Players will create their own hero and battle against many different types of these enemies, picking up items along the way to customize their weapons, guns, bullets and shields, boosting their strength and stamina in the massive scale fights.  

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