New Crimecraft Bleedout Content Released

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Vogster Entertainment announced today the next major update to their ongoing episodic expansion, CrimeCraft: BLEEDOUT.  Beginning February 5, the second volume of weekly episodic updates begins with BLEEDOUT Episode 6: THE ACHILLES HELIX.

Written by Mike Kennedy (Star Wars, Superman, Alien vs Predator) and featuring the original art of Gary Erskine (Dan Dare, Star Wars, Terminator, Transformers), Episode 6: THE ACHILLES HELIX takes players deep into the secret labs of the Sons of Liberty faction where deadly experiments and a series of intrigues threaten to blow the lid off of a dangerous and secret agenda. 

In addition to the continued episodic adventures and challenging gameplay, CrimeCraft: BLEEDOUT will receive a major content update implementing the following features:

  • Episodic Conclusion – Players will witness the heart pounding conclusion of the Bleedout Campaign. Each week, a new episode of the gripping story will be released with 2½ hours of new story-based missions. Featuring art from comic book all-stars such as Howard Chaykin, Glenn Fabry, Trevor Hairsine, Gary Erskine, and Vince Proce, the second wave of Bleedout episodes will provide hours of top notch graphic game play.
  • New Maps – New maps will emerge, including Deckard Harbor, a dense maze of walkways in the port district; Municipal Bank, a heavily guarded financial fortress for the ultimate PvP robbery; and other soon to be announced locations.
  • New Abilities – 6 new abilities will provide a wealth of tactical combat options, including Rocket & LMG Turrets and Flash Grenades.
  • Reputation Phase 2 – Reputation Leaderboards go live in February, with unique player signatures, titles, and rewards. 
  • Player Requests – The CrimeCraft community drives development, and a multitude of player requests have been added, such as more character customization options, refinements to character professions and skills, new play modes, weapon modification kits, AUGs, and much more!

CrimeCraft: BLEEDOUT expands the CrimeCraft universe and explores the complex, yet frighteningly possible series of events that throw the world into violent chaos. It is a New Age of Ruin, caused by mankind’s own greed.  A Wild Society run by criminals and outlaws has taken hold.  Players can explore and profit through exciting combat and conspiratorial adventure.

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