Sony Games Division Rocks $564M Profit for Quarter

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The Sony division which contains the games branches, (Networked Products and Services division) has posted a hefty $564M ( ¥45.7 billion) profit for fiscal Q3 2011 which ended on the 31st of Deember. They reported it was on high sales of Playstation console price reductions that boosted sales along with sales of software.

Sales were actually down 6.4% over the prior year but they sold some 6.3 million PS3 which brought the year-to-date to 15M units.

They also pushed 3.6M PSP consoles out the door for a total of 8M Y-t-D. Oddly, they sold some 2.1M PS2 consoles which I can’t understand as there are only two games scheduled for release on the platform in the next six months.

Game sales seem to be what bolstered things all round as they topped off 10M pieces for the PS3 and 16.5M for the PSP while the PS2, not surprisingly, dropped over 50% to just 5.3M games for the quarter.

The company on a whole reported $885.7M in profit. That means the NP & S division accounted for some 63.7% of profit. What was the rest of the company doing?

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