Speedlink Announces 25th Anniversary Competition Pro Joystick

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Holy retro joystick Batman! The Competition Pro is 25 years old and to celebrate, Speedlink has re-released it, painted it gold and packaged it up with 25 classic Amiga titles and 25 Commodore 64 classics (game lists at bottom of article). How’s that for an awesome retro package?

SPEEDLINK proudly presents a special limited edition of the legendary arcade joystick with a stylish gold design: the COMPETITION PRO 25th Anniversary Edition.

Speedlink Competition Pro 25th anniversary edition 1

It epitomizes the golden era of home computing: for many, the COMPETITION PRO was the best joystick ever. Even after a quarter of a century, this input device with its characteristic design hasn’t lost any of its legendary reputation – with the current version from SPEEDLINK, with its upgraded technology and USB connector, also blowing away PC gamers of today. The sheer indestructibility of this digital stick with its four buttons plus switchable autofire function makes it the perfect controller for retro games and modern arcade titles.

SPEEDLINK is celebrating this immortal classic with a special limited edition: the 25th Anniversary Edition combines the outstanding robustness and precision of the COMPETITION PRO with an exclusive, stylish gold design. The Anniversary Edition also includes a CD featuring 50 original games from the golden era of home computing. Revive the 80s on any Windows PC with the top 25 titles from each of the Best of Amiga Classix and the Best of C64 Classix collections. The CD includes titles which have also become classics just like the COMPETITION PRO itself, including Turrican for the C64 and Arkanoid for the Amiga. The games collections Best of Amiga Classix and Best of C64 Classix were put together in collaboration with magnussoft.

Speedlink Competition Pro joystick gold 25th anniv

The COMPETITION PRO 25th Anniversary Edition is limited to 10,000 examples – and each one includes a unique serial number and certificate. This beauty is far too good to be kept in a cupboard – after all, it’s only in the hands of a gaming enthusiast that the COMPETITION PRO can really revive the golden era of home computing.

COMPETITION PRO 25th Anniversary Edition – Details:

  •  Digital USB joystick for the PC
  •  Original design of the legendary COMPETITION PRO – in anniversary gold
  •  Maximum precision and robustness thanks to micro switches and metal spring
  •  4 fire buttons and a switchable autofire function
  •  Special edition limited to 10,000 examples; includes serial number certificate
  •  50 games on CD: the crème-de-la-crème of the Best of Amiga/C64 Classix collections
  •  Available from March 2011 for €24.99 incl. VAT.

Speedlink competition pro 25th anniv edition boxed

25 Best of Amiga Classix

• A-320 Airbus
• Arkanoid
• Battle Squadron
• Beneath a Steel Sky
• Bomb Jack
• Buggy Boy
• Cybernoid 2
• Defender of the Crown
• Football Glory
• Genetic Species
• Goal!
• Grand Monster Slam
• Hard’n’Heavy
• Hybris
• It Came from the Desert
• Lords of the Rising Sun
• Mission Elevator
• Nebulus
• Paperboy
• The Patrician
• Pinball Dreams
• Rings of Medusa
• Space Harrier
• Stormlord
• TV Sports Basketball

25 Best of C64 Classix

• 500cc Moto Manager
• Airwolf
• Alleykat
• Attack of the Mutant Camels
• Bomb Jack
• Buggy Boy
• Chuckie Egg
• Cyberdyne Warrior
• Enforcer – Fullmetal Megablaster
• Exolon
• Frank Bruno’s Boxing
• Ghosts’n’Goblins
• GP Tennis Manager
• Grand Monster Slam
• Mighty Bomb Jack
• Nebulus
• Paperboy
• Paradroid
• Shiftrix
• Super Hang-On
• Turrican
• TV Sports Football
• Uridium
• World Championship Soccer
• Yuppie’s Revenge

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