Fight Night Champion Demo – Control Diagrams, Tutorial Videos for Xbox 360 and PS3

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The Fight Night demo is available on the Playstation 3 now (from Playstation Network) and Xbox LIVE, so we thought it might be good to give you the control diagrams from the tutorials so you have them handy when you want to play. If you’re like us you keep a computer in the gaming area just for this purpose. The diagrams come from Alain Quinto, Community Manager, EA Sports and his blog posts on the Playstation blogs.

The Fight Night Champions Controls Tutorial Video:


Fight Night Champions Controls Playstation 3

Fight Night Champions Controls-PS3 - 2

FSPC enables you to use the Right Stick to throw punches. Flicking the Right Stick to the Left will throw punches with your left hand, while flicking the Right Stick to the Right will throw punches with your right hand.

Fight Night Champion for PS3 - Controls

When you flick the stick at different angles, the boxer will throw different punches. Flicking the Right Stick Upwards will throw Straight punches, flicking the Right Stick to the Side will throw Hooking punches and flicking the Right Stick Downwards will throw Uppercut

Fight Night Champions Controls Xbox 360

Fight nightchampcontrol x360 1

Fight Night champ controls xbox 2

Read more tips and control information on page 2.


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