Latest Playstation Move Sniper Rifles Surely Won`t Draw Fire from Opponents, Will it?

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Sometimes I see a gaming peripheral and can’t quite figure out how it got greenlighted, produced and finally marketed. Now I’m not saying that the CTA Digital Sniper Rifle Gun accessory is anything but redundantly named. However, it shouldn’t amaze anyone when claims of terrorist, assassin, murder training start taking aim at this peripheral. I mean really, get ready for a hail of fire.

CTA Digital sniper rifle for playstation move

Does anyone find it ironic that it’s probably going to be available at.... Target? (Their assault rifle is)

CTA Digital has launched a new customizable rifle for Playstation Move owners. The scope, rear stock and muzzle are easy to detach, transforming the full-sized rifle into a smaller, shotgun-sized firearm to match in-game weapons.

The Move Controller is held firmly in a front compartment that leaves all the controls accessible and positions the sphere in the front. There’s also an included sniper bipod attachment to allow for steady aiming, and an attachment for accommodating the Navigation controller if the game calls for one.

FPS warfare enthusiasts will appreciate the custom feel and adaptability of this rifle. Whatever the arsenal preferences for Killzone 3, MAG, SOCOM 4 or The Shoot, gamers can find a comfortable configuration that suits their playing style.

Right, so let’s see this bad boy in action, shall we?

 It does look fake and sort of ridiculous really. Hopefully, that will prevent police from shooting some 16-year-old who goes toting it over to his friends house in the middle of the night.

Hey look, it will be available at Amazon, Best Buy and yes folks, Target. Nice!

CTA Digital sniper rifle sell sheet

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