Former Bizarre Creations Staff Form Lucid Games

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While Bizarre Creations may have had its pumpkin head smashed it, all the seeds have fallen to the ground and sprouted. Senior management and some of the team banded together to form dead Bizarre CreationsLucid Games (no not the Lucid Games that developed Dive! Advanced, this is a new Lucid Games (that could cause some problems hmm?).

The new Lucid Games includes Peter Wallace - Managing Director and has the backing of Liverpool Vision, an economic development company that sought to keep the talented individuals in the area. They will seek to put together a team of 50 for the game studio.

We can only hope that their Lucid Games will one day be able to stick it to Activision who closed the studio for economic reasons and most likely kept control of all the intellectual property of Bizarre including Project Gotham Racing, Geometry Wars and Blur.

Hopefully the same level of awesomeness that was evident in those games will be seen in their new projects. Good luck!

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