DICE to Offer Series of Talks at GDC on Frostbite 2

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DICE will be out in force at this year’s GDC in SanFrancisco next week and offering up a wide range of talks. I thought that since we have a strong developer following some of you might be GDC 2011interested in some of these:


Mon Feb 28 1:45 am   DX11 Rendering in Battlefield 3
Johan Andersson

Wed Mar 02 10:30 am   SPU-based Deferred Shading in Battlefield 3 for PlayStation 3
Christina Coffin

Wed Mar 02 3:00 pm   Culling the Battlefield: Data Oriented Design in Practice
Daniel Collin

Thu Mar 03 1:30 pm   Lighting You Up in Battlefield 3
Kenny Magnusson

Fri Mar 04 4:05 pm   Approximating Translucency for a Fast, Cheap & Convincing Subsurface Scattering Look
Colin Barré-Brisebois

For more information on Battlefield 3, visit the Official Site.

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