SOCOM: Special Forces Shows off its Stealth

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SOCOM is returning with Special Forces and information has begun to pour forth. The latest SOCOM special Forcesinformation released talks about stealth and was published on the Playstation blog by Jeremy Dunham – Sr. Community Manager, Zipper Interactive

As longtime SOCOM fans can tell you, one of the series’ great strengths besides its realistic action has always been its stealth. Though we’ve focused rather heavily on the action-oriented portions of the game in our reveals thus far, today we’re happy to announce the covert aspects of SOCOM: Special Forces.

While players will have opportunities to be stealthy in nearly all of SOCOM: Special Forces‘ stages, select missions in the solo campaign will give users direct control of female South Korean 707th covert operations expert “Forty-Five.” Acting as the team’s primary form of reconnaissance, Forty-Five slinks into various locales under the cover of night to capture valuable intel and sabotage enemy operations. In the mission White Tiger, for example, Forty-Five creeps into a naval dry dock under Naga control so that she can prevent a stealth frigate from shipping out to sea to attack an already-crippled NATO fleet. It sounds intense — and it is — but it’s only the first of several levels that utilize Forty-Five’s deadly skills.

Because she’s armed with silenced weapons and a handy stealth meter that lets players know how visible they are to hostile forces, Forty-Five is a sneaky badass who adds a lot to the SOCOM:Special Forces experience. We really do think that you’re going to enjoy her missions and are glad to let her secret out of the bag.

Even better is that all of Forty-Five’s missions can be played with the DualShock3, PlayStation Move motion controller or PlayStation Move sharp shooter attachment – meaning that regardless of what kind of control method you want to embrace, your sneaky needs are covered! And don’t even get us started on the abundance of Forty-Five’s awesome “stealth kills” or her uncanny ability to hide the bodies of fallen enemies in shadowy places…

Best of all, the SOCOM: Special Forces information train isn’t done yet! We’ll be back again next week with a ton of new details, including the dates in which our multiplayer beta kicks off and a few other pleasant surprises to boot. See you then!

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