Touch-free Gesture Control Set for Laptops Thanks to XTR3D

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Extreme Reality (‘XTR3D’) Ltd., provider of touch-free Gesture Control and Motion Capture Interfaces, will demonstrate at GDC, its new touch-free gesture control interface for Extreme Realitylaptops,“iZi” (pronounced ‘easy’). XTR’s iZi allows gamers to easily control PC games and applications using body gestures and/or movement.

iZi utilizes a laptop’s built-in camera to capture the body movement of a single and or multiple users. Gestures are then associated with system events to control a game or other application. The iZi demo at GDC will feature pre-installed games from XTR3D’s growing number of game partners and will also be customizable for additional games and software applications.

“XTR3D’sapplication development tools, such as iZi,satisfy three different types of audiences,"says XTR3D CEO Dor Givon; “the laptop vendors transform their machines into gesture-controlled computers using iZi Pro for laptops, while the application developers utilize iZi Pro’s technology to implement gesture control to any application or game command they offer. Inevitably, the End users benefit the most, enjoying a compelling gesture-controlled experience on their laptop. XTR3D’s suite of motion-capture gesture-control software reinvents the way users interact with CE devices and in-home entertainment." 

iZi will be demonstrated at GDC this week.

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