XCM Announces the XFPS 5.0: Keyboard, Mouse, Headset Support for PS3 and Xbox 360

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The 4.0 version of the XFPS was actually two different units, one for the PS3 and one for the Xbox 360. With the launch of the XFPS 5.0 they have combined them into a single unit and added headset support. That’s pretty cool.


XFPS 5.0 Product features:

  • Connect PS/2 or USB mouse & keyboard to your Xbox 360 and PS3 
  • Accuracy in aiming and fast response while playing shooting game.
  • Easy to map all 360 wired controller keys to keyboard and mouse via PC by XCM software.
  • 100 % compatible with all kinds of mice and keyboards
  • headset support
  • 3 level of auto fire function

Note: need to connect to PC (laptop or desktop).  

The software has already been updated a few times to add some features including:

  • Assign the button from the 360 wired controller to 1 more place on the keyboard, that means you can map a button to 2 different keys on the keyboard, this will let your gameplay more playabl.
  • Added functionality enabling you to modify 16 directions, 2 analog sticks, D-pad and tilt sensitivity to the mouse. You can also now map these functions to one of the mouse buttons easily. Simply pressing this button moving forward and 360° around is now easier than before.

XFPS 5.0 Xbox 360

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