Cities in Motion Getting New Patch

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Cities in motion puts you in charge of buses, trams and trains in an effort to move the people where they need and want to go as well as making the city managers and mayors happy and a tidy little profit for yourself. With that said, there were some stability issues I encountered Cities in Motion(which have delayed the GDN review) that were addressed in a previous patch. Now they’re getting ready to release a new patch, patch 1.1.12 which they say will be available soon.

From the Paradox Forums:

So more about things we have been working on:

- Traffic jams  This has been the most addressed issue in Cities in Motion. In the new patch the amount of private cars depends on the difficulty, making the easy level less likely to have so many traffic jams. The jammed cars also disappear more quickly. And in the sandbox you can even customize the amount of the private cars to your liking.

- Economy  We realized that the fluctuating economy is a bit too sudden, so we slowed the fluctuation down a bit.

- Press "U"  We added a shortcut to get to the underground view (nobody admits forgetting it in the first place..)

In addition to these we worked on the bugs we had left. I hope this resolves the issues you have been having with Cities in Motion. If not, they ask that you inform them so they can work on the issues.

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