PSPGo Also Getting Price Drop

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Sony just recently announced a price cut on the PSP-3000 which I said was probably an inventory reducition move. Now they’re also cutting a whopping $50 or 25% off the price of the PSPGo. In North America the unit will cost$149.99. PSPGo

While Sony has already updated its pricing, retailers haven’t. Perhaps they’re hoping to eek out a bit more on the sly thinking we gamers arean’t all that well informed.

Consider yourself informed. This marks the second $50 price cut for the PSPGo in two years. Perhaps sales aren’t all they’d like us to believe because at that rate it will be free in three more years. Of course, that won’t happen, maybe another drop to $129.99 before it’s probably phased out completely.

So now might be the time to get a PSPGo since it’s only $20 more than a PSP-3000. It all depends on what exactly you’re looking for from your portable Playstation experience. Perhaps you might just wait until the Experia Play hits the market.

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