MapleStory Introduces Ultimate Explorer

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 MapleStory from Nexon is getting ready to unleash Aftershock. With the update will come a number of changes and additions. One of those is the Ultimate Explorer class which they have released details for today.

The Ultimate Explorer class will be introduced with the Aftershock Update in Nexon America’s MapleStory, scheduled to release in early March. In order to fight the Black Wings, minions of the Black Mage, the Empress has made an alliance with the Explorer chiefs that allows Cygnus Knights to train to become an Explorer. Players with a Cygnus Knight character that have reached the maximum level of 120 will have the chance to create a new Ultimate Explorer character. Ultimate Explorers will be able to bypass early training and start at level 50, allowing them to quickly access higher level skills and quests.

The changes brought by the Big Bang echo from the deepest dungeons to the highest tree houses of Ellinia. Sometimes, though, great evil can sometimes bring about an even greater good.

Info below taken from the Maplestory website.


maplestory aftershock
The heroes of Maple World are preparing to strike back with incredible new powers, new organization, and powerful new weapons. The Black Mage may have brought the Big Bang, but heroes like you will provide the AfterShock!
Discover the Ultimate Explorer and the new Cygnus Knights! Reorganized and Revitalized Guilds!
Assault the Castle of Von Leon!


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