Joymax Expands Silkroad Online with New Expansion, 24-hour GM Support

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Joymax, a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for the global market, announced that to accompany today’s launch for the expansion of Legend VII: Rise of theSilkroad online
Thief-Hunter for Silkroad Online
, the company now boasts 24-hour in-game GM support.  To bolster their communication with players further, a new multi-lingual customer support reinforcement campaign has been developed to help emphasize its commitment to customer
service for its millions of players.

"We are thrilled to continue to strengthen the relationships with our millions of players, and that dedication shows with our newly implemented 24-hour in-game GM support, as well as our Customer Support Reinforcement Campaign," said Kwan Ho Park, CEO of Joymax. "We
are also actively looking for suggestions from our fans, and we’re ready to reward the best ideas with desirable prizes.  We can’t wait to see what players will come up with."

Joymax wants to ensure that it is providing world-class service by delivering efficient and accurate solutions through its multicultural customer support that satisfy the concerns brought forward from the international community.

To assure players that Joymax is continuously seeking areas to improve in, the company is hosting an event beginning March 15th and running through April 12th. Silkroad players past and present are encouraged to offer their input and suggestions on what they would like to see from GMs so Joymax can identify key solutions not yet addressed and provide the
best quality customer service possible; players with the best suggestions will receive a bevy of gifts for their time. The first place winner will receive an 11D Seal of Nova Weapon, second place prize will be a 10D Seal of Sun Weapon which three players will receive; five additional players will receive a 10D Seal of Moon Weapon.

Joymax is also hosting a variety of other events, including:

Share your know-how with SRO Friends!
From March 15 through April 11, players of Legend VII: Rise of the Thief-Hunter for Silkroad Online who share their own how-to tips with those who haven’t played it will compete for an 11th grade Comet Seal (Reinforcement +5) weapon item. Ten players will be selected prizes
awarded on April 26th.

Create a Trailer and Upload to YouTube

Players who record a video clip of a Fortress War in session with Rams and Catapults, and then upload the video clips onto the official Joymax YouTube page at can win prizes! The top three players with the best videos will be selected to
win an 11th grade Comet Seal (Reinforcement +7) weapon item. Winners will be chosen by the number of "likes" the video clips receive on the YouTube page. Only the videos which include the use of Rams and Catapults during a Fortress War will qualify.

Paying Honor to Legendary Players

After the content update, the best-ranked Hunter/Thief from each server will receive an 11th grade Comet Seal (Reinforcement +8) weapon item. Eligibility is based on the top Hunter and Thief on each server on April 11th.

All of the events are based on server time, which is Korean time.

In addition to the events, there are also new content updates in Legend VII: Rise of the Thief-Hunter for Silkroad Online. There is now the new emphasis of jobs, as they will take on a bigger role for players.  Game play will become more dynamic and will involve a new level of
skill.  Specialize into new skill sets, dependent on the job and the character’s level. A player’s job title will change as they complete their job advancement tasks. Gain reputation based upon the job activities to earn important ranks -- a higher rank will help the player earn additional attribute bonuses.

Other new elements to the game include the trade and triangular conflict system, which has been revamped where players trade and complete smuggling quests. Launch into evolved conflicts between Thieves and Hunters, where users can obtain unique Job Items through
Job activities and trading towards additional materials that can craft or reinforce Job items. Hunters gain profit by protecting caravan Trader NPCs and sweeping smuggling operations, while Thieves gain profit by raiding caravans and smuggling. Players can also participate
in consignment trading where items are consigned to an NPC, or work the economy in target trading, where players directly trade by transporting goods which can earn a high profit but is far riskier.  What trading quests are available will depend on the job players pursue.

Other updates include a new avatar, Saint Knight, and a newly designed Craft System, where users can create a variety of craftable items, including Siege Items like Battering rams and Catapults designed for Fortress War, or dive into Trade and Alchemy Items’, including
improvements to the Fortress War and User Interface for more exciting and convenient game play.


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