Mission Against Terror March Madness Update Info

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Mission Against Terror (M.A.T.), is ready to launch its Massive March Update, which marks the 6-month anniversary of the game. MIssion Against Terror

The game has been steadily expanding over those past six months but now the developers are pulling out the stops with a forthcoming, full-on content and mechanics update, beginning with M.A.T.’s weapons cache.

"It has been such a successful launch we felt a celebration was in order," said Sam Ho, Director, Wicked Interactive. "This new cache of weapons is a gift to our community for everything they have done to turn M.A.T. into the awesome game it has become. Without their input and support, we would never be where we are now-- one of the greatest offerings in the new and flourishing free-to-play shooter genre."

New Weapons: 

  • FAMAS (Assault Rifle, whose special feature is that you need a rank of 20 or higher to use this weapon and is the only other weapon in the game aside from the Glock pistol that has a burst fire option)

  • Beretta 92 (Pistol)

  • QBZ95 White Tiger(Assault Rifle, an upgraded version of the regular QBZ95 which is a popular rifle, this one sporting a white tiger-striped design)

  • Land mines!  Mines are planted on the ground and explode, dealing damage to those around them.  There are 2 types: one has a set timer before it goes off and one that goes off when stepped on.

  • CS (Tear Gas) grenade.

New Items:

Submachine Ammo Card (This card puts extra ammo in your submachine gun’s clip, allowing you to fire more rounds before reloading)

Permanent Weapons:

The next batch of weapons going up for sale with a permanent option are: AWP, M4A1, MP5 Navy, Explosive Sorrow(XM1014 Shotgun variant).

To sign up for Mission Against Terror, or just find out more info about the game, visit the official M.A.T. site: http://mat.subagames.com.

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