City of Heroes Issue 20: Incarnates Information

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NCSoft has started dropping details on the next issue of City of Heroes. Issue 20: Incarnates. They held a panel discussion at PAX East where they displayed a teaser preview of what canCity of Heroes Lambda Sector be expected in the issue. But all the information is available after that in the article

NCSoft also announced the Global server access change. This will allow everyone to access every server.

Global Server Access will be available to all active subscribers by the end of summer.All you need to do is launch your City of Heroes client via the NCsoft launcher, log in to your City of Heroes account and all 15 North American and European servers will be accessible on the Server selection screen. European accounts will be renamed by adding EU to the beginning in the event that they conflict with an account already on the North American servers in regards to name. They say it will affect the smallest number of users this way. you can check your City of Heroes account name by logging into your NCsoft Master account at

The advantages:


  • Access to 15 servers means more character slots if you have altitis.
  • Access to the same Training room and the same Beta server so everybody gets the same treatment when it comes to trying out upcoming features or new builds.
  • Better and easier interaction between our North American and European users not only on the City of Heroes forums but also the game servers.
  • No need to update 2 different sets of clients now if you have a North American and a European account.


Issues 20: Incarnates Overview and Trailer


With Issue 20: Incarnates, Heroes and Villains must push themselves to new levels of power in order to protect the world. The Well of the Furies, a sentient source of cosmic super powers, has started taking an active role in the universe again, but appears to have gone mad! It has empowered Emperor Cole, ruler of Praetoria, with nearly limitless energy. Emperor Cole has shared his newly imbued power with his lieutenants, turning them from already powerful Archvillains into cosmic menaces.

The Heroes of Paragon City and the Villains the Rogue Isles have faced the likes of Marauder, Mother Mayhem, Nightstar, and Siege in the past, but now each of these Praetorians possesses the power of an army. Only a dedicated group of Incarnates stands a chance of defeating them.

Emperor Cole’s ultimate goal is not to hold ultimate sway over our Earth, but to conquer the entire multiverse. Until the Heroes and Villains master their new Incarnate powers, they won’t be able to take on Cole, but they can slow him down. The first strike against Emperor Cole lies in weakening his powerbase in Praetoria.



The Behavioral Adjustment Facility (B.A.F) *

The B.A.F is where Mother Mayhem has been experimenting on captured Resistance fighters and mind-washing them into becoming psychic sleeper agents. These sleeper agents have been infected with a contagious psychic virus intended to spread throughout the Resistance, turning all of Emperor’s Cole’s enemies into mindless slaves.Nightstar and Siege, wardens of the B.A.F., are ready to unleash the prisoners into the general populace. They’ve staged a "breakout" to allow the mind-washed resistance fighters to escape into the underground tunnels of Praetoria and infect the populace.Nightstar and Siege share a networked connection that enables them to react and move with near-perfect synchronization. The two work so well in unison that they must be defeated simultaneously.

Lambda Sector *

Within Neutropolis lies the Lambda Sector fortress, a critical component of Emperor Cole’s war machinery. Emperor Cole’s Olympian Guard are born, trained, and housed in Lambda Sector. It is critical that this facility be destroyed and the Olympian Guard program scrapped. Heroes want to destroy these operations, while Villains will also be there grabbing as much Incarnate-touched power as they can in the sabotage process.

If the new Incarnates succeed in infiltrating the Lambda Sector fortress, they must still face off against the cosmically empowered Marauder. Luckily, they can use the captured war material against him to help bring down the "Big Dog."

New Task Forces

Though the new Incarnates are at the forefront of the fight against the Well of the Furies and Emperor Cole, even non-Incarnates are pulled into the battle.

L20-40 Hero Task Force: The Sky is Falling

In preparation for the invasion of Primal Earth, Colonel Duray of the Praetorian Army has led a special operations team to establish a bulwark in Paragon City. He has a unique ally, his Primal Earth counterpart, Colonel Duray, leader of the Sky Raiders.

The two Durays plan to strike Talos Island and Skyway City and break the spirit of the resistance against Emperor Cole. The newly risen Incarnate Heroes have their hands full facing Emperor’s Cole’s lieutenants in Praetoria, and they are relying on up-and-coming Heroes in this Task Force to protect our world. 

L20-40 Villain Strike Force: The Fire and the Flames

The chaos created by the Well of the Furies presents an opportunity for the Villains of the Rogue Isles to seize new Incarnate powers for themselves. The Flames of Prometheus, a legendary Incarnate artifact, can grant its owner some of the power of the Well of the Furies. However, Positron of the Freedom Phalanx guards the Flames of Prometheus. But everyone, even the mighty Positron, has a weakness to exploit with the proper leverage.

The Villains scheme will pit them against the mystical guardians of the Midnight Squad, the Circle of Thorns, the Warriors, and the heroes of the Freedom Phalanx in a bold attempt to seize the Flames of Prometheus. If they succeed, they could earn a rare reward that puts them on the path to becoming an Incarnate.

New Group Play Features


Issue 20 introduces Leagues to City of Heroes. A League is a much larger group of characters. Formerly, the largest team size was up to 8 characters. Now, characters can form or join groups of up to 48 characters. Leagues can be formed anywhere in Paragon City, the Rogue Isles, or Praetoria, for any purpose from attacks on the Rikti Mothership to costume contests.


We’ve made a major upgrade in the Looking For Group function: the new Team-Up-Teleporter for Incarnate Trials. Using the Team-Up-Teleporter, characters can sign up for an Incarnate Trial almost anywhere in Paragon City, the Rogue Isles, or Praetoria (the exceptions are Super Group Bases, PvP Zones, or while running instanced missions or Task Forces/Strike Forces). When enough characters for an Incarnate Trial are queued, the characters are teleported to the instance and automatically formed into a League. (The Team-Up-Teleporter is currently only available for Incarnate Trials on the same server.)

Quality of Life Enhancements

Respec Badges: Heroes and Villains who have changed alignments can now collect all six respec trial badges. No new respecs will be granted.

Travel Improvements: Black Helicopters have been added to Port Oakes and Sharkhead Isle. Furthermore, additional Black Helicopters have been added to Nerva Archipelago and Grandville.

*Requires the City of Heroes Going Rogue expansion.


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