Pirates of the Caribbean Online Launches Infamy

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Pirates don’t need to be famous, they need to be infamous!

Pirates of the Caribbean infamy rewards

Infamy can be earned in both PvP (Pirate vs. Pirate) and Privateering (Ship vs. Ship). In all match types, players will earn Infamy points when they successfully damage and defeat their opponents. The more Infamy a Pirate receives the faster the level up and earn special Infamy Badges.

To equip an Infamy badge, press ’B’ key and open the Badge Menu. On the Badge Menu, a Pirate can select which badge they’d like to display either on Land or at Sea. They could also select to display their Founder’s coin from this same menu.

Game Tip: Don’t go too long without playing Infamy! Pirates lose one point of Infamy for every day they don’t play.

The following Ranks can be earned:

Land – Rookie, Brawler, Duelist, Buccaneer, Swashbuckler, War Dog, War Master

Sea – Mariner, Lieutenant, Commander, Captain, Vice Admiral, Commodore, Admiral

When a Pirate levels up in Infamy, they are eligible to unlock special items from new merchants on Devil’s Anvil and the Privateering Islands. Check their stock to see what items they have for sale.

Now is the time to sharpen your swords and invoke the curse. Take to the revamped underworld and show your fellow brothers and sisters that you are the one that can not be beat!

  • Earn Infamy for every PvP and Privateer battle you conquer
  • Rank up and unlock new rewards and badges
  • Merchants await you on Devil’s Anvil and the Privateering Islands with goods that can only be unlocked and purchased with Infamy Rankings:
       - Battle Scars
       - Tattoos
       - Clothing

Pirates have been equals in undead battle for too long; it is time to show everyone who the master brigand be. Unlock badges and customize your name tag and that of your ship.Citizens of the Caribbean will see you from afar ... you’ll know by the sound of their quaking in thy boots.

Pierre Le Porc and Garcia Avaricia are also intrigued by what you may bring to their table. Set sail in Privateering for a chance to earn Infamy at sea! The battle will never be the same.



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