Game Industry Japan Relief Effort Campaigns – Updated

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There are so many campaigns going on to help Japan that I thought I would collect them all into one big post.Japan

GDN has a campaign running with International Rescue Committee to raise $16,000 for Japan. We figure, with 160,000 monthly users, if just 1% of you give $10 we should reach that goal. We thought that will all the games, gear and things like MMO items and closed beta keys we have given to our readers over the years, they might be willing to give something to someone else to pass it on.

 Good Old Games

On March 11, 2011 a magnitude-9.0 earthquake struck Japan, unleashing a 23-foot tsunami and leaving enormous destruction in its wake.

The Adventure Shop will donate $1 for every game sold from March 18th thru March 25th, to support emergency relief efforts in Japan.

Enormous relief efforts will be required to help Japan recover and rebuild.

We believe donating directly to the Japanese Red Cross is the best way to support the relieve efforts in Japan and to ensure that your money will reach the devastated areas. The easiest way to make a donation is through Google

Edna & Harvey
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SteelSeries, the leading global manufacturer of gaming peripherals, today announced a fundraising initiative for gamers to help support earthquake relief through the Japanese Red Cross Society. Starting today and throughout the next month, on every purchase of a mouse in SteelSeries’ branded line of professional gaming mice, which include the SteelSeries Ikari, SteelSeries Xai and SteelSeries Kinzu, the company will donate 25% of the proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross Society to aide in earthquake relief. SteelSeries will also offer a 25% off discount of this product line in the SteelSeries Web Shop as an incentive for gamers to fuel the fundraising initiative:

For more information about the fundraising initiative and updates on the donation please visit SteelSeries online at and on Facebook

 League of Legends Aids the Red Cross in the Wake of Nurse AkaliJapanese Tsunami

As many of you are aware, on the afternoon of March 11th, Japan experienced one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded followed by hundreds of aftershocks. The resulting tsunami smashed into the Eastern coast of the island nation, leaving thousands dead, over ten thousand missing, and causing billions of dollars in damage. Today the crisis is far from over, as tens of thousands more are without access to basic services (such as electricity and running water) and hundreds of thousands of people are displaced.

From now until 12:00pm PDT on Sunday, March 27 all proceeds from the purchase of Nurse Akali or RP purchases of the champion Akali will be donated to the Red Cross to help those in need following this tragic occurrence.  You’ll also find that we’ve placed the champion Akali – along with her alluring Nurse Akali skin – on sale for 50% off to encourage donations.

Your contributions can help make a difference in the lives of those affected by one of the greatest natural disasters in recent memory. Help aid the Red Cross relief effort by picking up one of your favorite champions and skins at a reduced rate!

For more information on the game please visit

or the official community post at

Cie Games Will Donate 100 Percent of Proceeds to the American Red Cross From In-Game Sale of Custom-Designed Emergency Vehicle

More than 7.5 million players of the popular Facebook game “Car Town” ( can simultaneously expand their virtual vehicle collections and make a donation to the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami relief by completing an in-game purchase of a new limited-edition red and white Red Cross ambulance.

Car Town creator Cie Games (, a leading developer of high-quality online social games, will donate 100 percent of the proceeds from sales of the virtual emergency vehicle to the American Red Cross and its Japan disaster relief efforts.

Donations to the American Red Crosswill be made in two ways.  The first donation is generated with the purchase of the Red Cross ambulance.  Once players own the new vehicle, they can send their Red Cross ambulance on an in-game mission called “Help Japan” to make further donations.  One hundred percent of the money raised will be donated to the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami relief.

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