MainGear Loading up GeForce GTX 590 in Shift and F131 Desktops

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MAINGEAR, an award-winning PC system builder offering custom desktops, notebooks, workstations and media centers, updates their desktop configuration options with the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX  590 graphics card that delivers high-end performance with style.
Maingear gtx950 geforce
In the world of gaming PC hardware, names like MAINGEAR and NVIDIA are instantly recognized and revered.  Their aggressive stance of forward thinking innovation and lust for bleeding edge performance manifests by combining the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590, the most powerful DirectX 11 graphics card ever designed, and the award winning MAINGEAR SHIFT and F131 desktops. 
The lustrous design of the GTX 590 features dual 512-core GTX 500 GPUs and a custom vapor chamber cooler which perfectly complements the SHIFT’s unique vertical heat dissipation technology in both performance and design.  The GTX 590 also features three dual-link DVI ports to connect to three monitors so you can fully utilize Nvidia’s Surround solution all from a single graphics card to play your favorite games at ultra-wide resolutions like 5760x1880.  And just so you don’t have to worry about skimping on the other perks, all the premium GTX gaming technologies are included, such as NVIDIA 3D Vision™, PhysX®, and Quad SLI, for the ultimate in PC gaming.
Whether its high performance gaming or 3D entertainment, MAINGEAR and NVIDIA offers the best solutions for consumers looking for the ultimate PC experience. 
All of MAINGEAR products are supported with lifetime labor and phone support with one to three year hardware warranty. For more information about MAINGEAR’s desktops with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 graphic solutions, click here
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