WarFlow Gets Update and Improved Battle System

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Since its release earlier this year, the RTS browser game WarFlow has seen some rise in popularity and now after months of development, a new update has been released which has improved the battle system by bringing the brand new “Special Battles” to the game. Warflow special battles

As an online RTS game, strategy has always been at the core of WarFlow gameplay. Players in this new “Special Battles” will need to team up and coordinate with each other to fight against NPC powers. Appearing at different areas of the battle interface at the start of a special battle, facing NPC enemy forces in different corners and in the middle, players need to anticipate and communicate with each other in order to eliminate all enemies in a short time. There will be a Cool-down after each move and players will move towards the direction where the enemies are at without conflicting with paths of other players or leaving enemies unattended.

Besides path selection, there are different kinds of Amulets at the battle map for players to boost their troops. And there will be a rating upon the finish of the battle depending on the time players has spent. Different ratings will give different rewards including the 50 Gold value Silver Box.

The new special battle system gives another option for players to use their MCUs (battle cap) on WarFlow. Along with PvP battle, Legion War, Regional War, Mine War, NPC battle and NPC Legion battle, special battles surely adds to the variety and playability of WarFlow. For further details on this new game, check out the official WarFlow website at: http://warflow.dovogame.com/

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