Unity Expanded to Android, Heading to RIM Playbook

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In the run up to the Unity Android release some 50 chart-topping iOS games were quickly ported to Android, including BATTLE BEARS, Castle Warriors, Doodle Bowling, Drift Mania Championship and Samurai II: Vengeance.Unity 3 game dev platform

Now Unity has teamed up with RIM to get games in production for its upcoming tablet, the Playbook.

Here are some details of the Unity/RIM partnership (from Unity):

  • The Unity Technologies / RIM relationship at present is built solely around games distribution through Union.
  • We’ve made no commitment to supporting Playbook deployment from Unity at this time.  While we’re hopeful that the new platform will emerge as a success that warrants this as a next step, as of today, the path for developers to the Playbook is through Union.

  • RIM and Union will start by bringing dozens of Unity-authored titles to the Playbook this year.  These titles may just be the first wave to go to this new device, but we’ll be doing our best in working with RIM to ensure that they’re actively promoted and that the platform will be a place where they can flourish and make developers lots of money.

  • Unity developers interested in bringing their content to the Playbook can let us know by submitting a game profile at unity3d.com/union or by emailing us

Union is a brand new service for developers that helps you bring your games tounion by Unity new markets, reach new platforms and earn more money. Basically you make your game, submit it to Union. When approved it can then be distributed to various platforms. You get 80% of the profits and Unity gets the other 20% for being the middleman. The service is separate from the iTunes App Store but works more with other closed portals that distribute games on other platforms.

In some cases they will even do the porting of the game to different platforms. In more drastic cases they’ll talk with you about the porting because it would just be too much work for them and you might have to pay. They would also take on the work of localizing games if they make a deal where the market would be better served by native language games.

I am not a developer, but I have to say, I quite like Unity’s approach to game development and community. This has prompted me to contact Unity and some of their developers for a more in-depth story.

The benefit for gamers is that we can get games on the platforms we have in less time. There are often games on the iOS that I would much rather have on something with other forms of controls and if it’s Unity built then it will more quickly be able to be ported over if there’s a market for it. I like that because sometimes I just don’t want to use the iPhone and I feel that some games are far better suited to a D-pad or thumbstick than they are touch controls.

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