Tera Kicks Off Super Closed Beta with 1500 Players

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With a hiss and with a whir the cogs of TERA have been set in motion as Frogster announces the first online test of its systems is to start today, the 31st March. 1,500 of the most dedicated and hardcore fans from the TERA community will receive a special invite to the event Tera political action(including GDN), allowing them to finally set-foot in the much anticipated title and push the game to its limits.  The event will run over four days and for those that miss out on an invite to the event, fear not, as more online tests are scheduled to arrive in the very near future.

There’s Work to Be Done

On January 25th TERA launched in Korea and notched up a new record for most concurrent users online on the first day of release.  Impressive?  Sure.  But that doesn’t mean the work stops there as developer Bluehole Studios work on new in-game content that European gamers will be seeing more of when the game launches later this year.

Yes, You Can

A player’s ascension to the top won’t just stop when you hit level 50, in TERA you’ll also have the opportunity to rule the land with the implementation of a new political system.  The update will allow particularly skilled players who have mastered their skills and conquered the battle fields to embark on another all-together different challenge: the political realm. 

Players will be able to stand for election and, if successful, have the honour of ruling over their chosen region as the Vanarch.  Becoming the ruler of a region is no easy feat, and players in TERA will have to have truly earned the trust of their fellow guild members to launch a successful bid to the throne and stay there come re-election.  And you will want to stay there.  Successfully elected Vanarch’s will have access to a bevy of special privileges, granting the kinds of powers any budding revolutionary would crave.

Whether you make your way to the throne with a grass roots campaign or with brute force, the choice is yours.  Each region has its own particular requirements for election, so take a minute to examine your surroundings before embarking on an elaborate killing frenzy or brain washing propaganda campaign.  Choose the wrong method, and it’s likely you won’t be everyone’s favourite candidate come election day.

With Great Power…

Once players have fought their way to top of the heap and emerged victorious they will have access to an exclusive mount, be able to send out special messages to those residing in their region, impose taxes and even reposition NPCs in the villages he or she rules.  To perform such feats requires the collection of ‘Policy Points’, acquired through specialized quests, and it is up to the ruling Vanarch to determine where these points should be spent.  Rule with a deft and forgiving hand, and you’ll be a hero amongst your people, but rule with a feisty temperament and you may soon find yourself on the receiving end of a vicious uprising.

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