Players Forge New Content for Star Trek Online

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Cryptic dropped a note to announced the release of The Foundry, a unique suite of robust community authoring tools unlike anything else created for MMOs.

Designed for players of Star Trek Online by Cryptic, The Foundry is a compelling new addition to Star Trek Online that grants players the opportunity to create their own in-depth missions Star Trek online Foundryand share their creativity with other members of the community. The Foundry empowers users with the same tools that Cryptic’s own development team utilizes to build Star Trek Online’s engaging content. For the first time ever, players can contribute their own fully developed interactive stories to the Star Trek Online universe.

"The universe of Star Trek Online is constantly growing and improving, but now we are empowering users so that they may finally create their own Star Trek stories, missions and memorable characters inside our persistent game world. This is something truly special and we couldn’t be more excited to see what creative fans come up with," said Daniel Stahl, Executive Producer, Star Trek Online.

The Foundry is a proprietary addition to Cryptic’s internal game engine, which powers Star Trek Online, Champions Online and the upcoming Neverwinter.

Cryptic Studios will periodically feature missions created by members of the gaming community. These “Spotlight Missions” will appear on the Star Trek Online website and receive special attention within the game.


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