Game Industry April Fool`s Day Pranks – Part 2

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Here’s the second collection of Pranks sent in from the game industry. The Paradox one made me chuckle the most. They also had a good set up premise since Magicka went all Vietnam already. But no...not believable.

Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive reveal plans for Vietnam franchise

Today Paradox Interactive has announced the full title of their upcoming roleplaying strategy game King Arthur II, now known as King Arthur II: Vietnam. The change comes after receiving overwhelmingly positive reactions to the announcement of Magicka: Vietnam.

King Arthur II Vietnam

The Glorious Leader Fredrik Wester explains the reasoning;
"A wise journeyman once told me "Don’t stop believing" and that’s exactly what we’re doing here. The response on the Magicka DLC was so fantastic so we just decided to keep going, so this is a strategic decision we’re taking for the company and all our games across the board. The decision was made without consulting any developers or fellow colleagues, it just felt right."

What surely will mark a paradigm shift in the gaming industry as a whole, King Arthur II: Vietnam will soon be followed by the space strategy epic Sword of the Stars II: Vietnam. Paradox Interactive aims to quickly follow suit with Europa Universalis: Vietnam, Vietnam: The MMOVRGP before rounding off the year with Vietnam: Vietnam since gamers have requested this on frequent occasions.

Nyko Brings the Movie Theater 3D Experience to the 3DS

This one comes with some eye candy even.Nyko April Fools She certainly is no joke, right guys?

Nyko Technologies today announced their latest foray into the 3DS accessory market with 3D Glasses for the Nintendo 3DS. The 3D Glasses allow you to bring the cinema 3D experience with you anywhere from the bus to the bathroom. Nyko’s unique and patented “Lens-less is More” Technology removes any glass or plastic lenses from the frame, while still providing the look and feel of 3D Glasses. Featuring absolutely no ergonomics what-so-ever, and a hard, unforgiving plastic frame with no rubber grip, the 3D Glasses are guaranteed to be uncomfortable for extended or quick gameplay sessions and are designed to leave marks on the bridge of your nose.

Each set of 3D Glasses comes with five unbalancing weights that you can place strategically on the glasses to have them shift on your head while in use. Place them upfront to replicate the heavy active shutter glasses found in most high end movie theaters or stick them on the sides to simulate a pair of broken or uneven 3D glasses. In addition, Nyko is including three bacteria wipes featuring sweat and germs from random strangers you can apply to your glasses before use to truly capture the used glasses experience from today’s hottest 3D movies.

“As fans of 3D glasses from the days of cardboard red and blue to today’s active shutter technology we were left empty hearted playing the 3DS without any glasses on,” said Poisson D’Avril, Executive Vice President of 3D Technology . “Now with our ’Lens-less is More’ Technology, we can provide all the comfort and familiarity of 3D Glasses on the 3DS”

Nyko’s 3D Glasses for Nintendo 3DS will be shipping to retailers this spring for an MSRP of $99.99.

Since we are heading in a generally Adult-oriented theme for this article. Lunch PR sent in this entry.


 X-Rated Studios, a new name in game development, today announced that its inaugural project will be an interactive video game experience aimed at the adult market and based on ancient Hindu text the Kama Sutra.

With a working title of Kama Sutra: Connected, the game will offer practical advice on sexual intercourse and behaviour, but instead of dry text and illustrations, Berlin-based X-Rated Studios is promising a number of exciting ‘pass the pad’ style mini-games that remain true to the spirit of the revered work.

Kama Sutra: Connected is currently being developed to utilise all of the leading motion-capture technology formats. So whether adventurous gamers choose to use a remote, wand or go hands-free, X-Rated Studios is promising that they will feel closer to the action than ever before. The pioneering developer has also confirmed that it is researching online play mechanics and how best to utilise 3D technology on handheld formats, so that gamers can continue to expand their sexual horizons on the go.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, there were no screen shots or concept art on this one. Next time Lunch, bring the whole meal deal!

Alright, I have got a couple more and hopefully they’ll keep rolling in. A good job all round this year so far.

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