Game Industry April Fool`s Day Pranks – Part 3

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Here is part three of the game industry April Fool’s Day Pranks. Props go out to Telltale who went all out and even made a video and a scary piece of tech for theirs.

Telltale Games


Ever wanted to be a part of the game? Take a stroll around the Manatee Interior, or loiter in Stinky’s Diner? For the first legal time in history, Telltale makes it possible!


Immersive, character-driven gaming is what Telltale is all about, and we are proud to present the very pinnacle of our inventive prowess: Envelotech.

YOU are the star, the main character, the dialogue speaker and the overburdened inventory holder. With no more than a computer webcam and access to the premium Envelotech platform, you can have the full immersive gaming experience you’ve always wanted!

“Forget Kinect, forget Playstation Eye, we estimate that within the year Envelotech will pave the way as the premiere gesture-based input system” writes Telltale CEO Dan Connors.

More than any adventure gaming peripheral, Envelotech offers far beyond the typical actions like Moving To, Looking At, and Using items. Testers and engineers have noted a dramatic increase in the sensitivity and suggestive reactions of all five senses while playing within the Envelotech platform. When a tester was hospitalized for eating the Fugujolokia pepper, we knew we had created a unique and special experience, and we invite you to participate!

Utilizing state-of-the-art soul-tracking technology, the Envelotech service can be used with any game in the Telltale catalog with fascinating results! Experience the Pox of LeChuck firsthand, or meet up with your favorite characters like Señor Cardgage, Anemone, Biff, and the Hidden People!

Enrich your mind! Watch this video to see what Envelotech has to offer, and prepare to be taken to a whole other place...

Pre-Orders available soon, keep checking our blog for the opportunity to get sucked into your favorite Telltale games!

Trendy Entertainment

M. Night Shyamalan Announces Bruce Willis Cast as Lead in Upcoming Dungeon Defenders Film Adaptation The Sixth DefenseTrendy Sixth Defense

M. Night Shyamalan, the auteur behind such high-brow classics as Lady In The Water, The Village and The Last Airbender, announced today that he has cast legendary Hollywood front-man and action stud Bruce Willis as the lead role in the director’s upcoming opus, The Sixth Defense, which will be based upon the soon-to-launch XBLA, PSN, and PC title Dungeon Defenders. The highly-coveted role was the talk of Tinsel Town today, including tweets from industry titans like George Clooney, Tom Hanks and Paul Reubens all expressing interest in working on the project.

The casting of Willis follows on the heels of news that Shyamalan will not be working with William Hurt on this next project, confirming that Hurt will not make an appearance in The Sixth Defense.

“I’m digging deep with this project, trying to bridge the gap between Plato and Spielberg. I think I’ve found my lynchpin in Willis,” quipped Shyamalan on the Dungeon Defenders set. “It one of the best movies not starring William Hurt this year!”

Hurt declined to comment.

NIS America

Hiring and firing someone is hard work, doing it all in one day is even worse. Poor Nao Zook and the crew found that out the hard way it seems.

Here’s the first newsletter from Zenon:

Nis Zenon April Fool

And the latter one:

Nis Zenon 2


Paper Wars Succer!

Even the name has sucker in it!

One of the biggest football (or soccer, in America-land) game producers has invited iFun4all to create a “paper” version of their game. Considering the high ratings of iFun4All’s Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder as well as its quickly ascending position in App Store, the producer decided to let the ramshackle Hungarian crew make their signature paper cut version of game (including paper silhouettes of players, who were supposed to look even better than in reality). The producer has even ordered a huge amount of cheap paper from China for this purpose.

So far, the biggest series of football games have been released once per year. Thanks to creating a “paper” version, however, the company would release the main series once every two years, while the “paper” version would be launched in the interim years. The company would then have whole two years to focus on the high quality football games, all the while earning decent money from releasing the “paper” football game.

Paper Wars succer

iFun4all resolutely protested against their inclusion into this project, as they said it is nothing but the producer’s big company taking advantage of their success. “Although Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder failed to meet our expectations to become the worst game ever, we don’t give up hoping that one day we’ll achieve our goal,” Fulop Meszaros, one of the Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder designers. “We are all happy in our Hungarian village and absolutely won’t engage ourselves into high-budget productions! It’s ridiculous!”

The “paper” version of the football game would be similar to the already famous projects of iFun4all, Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder and Crap of Defense. The first screenshot of the football game has been already created (included above).

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