The Plateau Heads to Windows 7 Phones

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The Plateau, from Spoonjuice, a mind-bending puzzle game is now available for Windows 7 phones, expanding the game’s reach to a brand new audience as it was already available on iOS.The Plateau

This latest edition of The Plateau will showcase the same amazing visuals found on the iOS version of the game, as well as gorgeous animated backgrounds that will further pull players into this mysterious space between worlds. The app is available now for only $2.99.

The Plateau is a brain-straining puzzler which tasks players with untangling orbs and the strings which are attached to them. Victory comes when none of the orbs or strings cross one another, but conquest won’t be simple. Challenge mode tests players with 50 levels of increasingly tricky puzzles, while Arcade mode forces you to think fast and untangle quickly over the course of 50 heart-pounding stages. For those who just can’t get enough, The Plateau is also available on Facebook

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