ARGO Online CB Stats and Open Beta Date

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burda:ic,announced that ARGO Online, has officially completed the final phase of Closed Beta Testing. Give ’em a round of applause.ARGO online

During this phase, a variety of data and feedback was gathered in preparation for the game’s upcoming Open Beta, which will officially go live with an enormous variety of never-before-seen content on April 7.

Interesting facts from the Closed Beta Test include:

  • Number of Monsters killed: Nearly 5,000,000
  • Number of quests finished: Nearly 55,000
  • Player Distribution Between Noblian - Floresslah Factions: 51:49
  • Most popular classes: Explorer (1st Place), Warrior (2nd Place), Druid (3rd Place)

Once the Open Beta begins, all players will be able to join and play ARGO Online immediately, gaining access to new classes and dungeons which were not available during Closed Beta Testing. The level cap will be raised to 40, and all 16 in-game classes will be open. Those new classes, along with those already available, will have access to ten new dungeons, an entirely new stage of occupation growth, and plenty of additional weapons, armor, mounts, and more.

For more on how to join the Open Beta for ARGO Online, when it starts later this week, please visit:

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