Evochron Mercenary version 1.288 Released

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Evochron Mercenary version 1.288 is now available for download and includes the improvements and fixes listed below.  This update is required for multiplayer compatibility.Evochron Mercenary
  The installer also works as an updating program for older versions of the game.  It can be downloaded at: http://www.starwraith.com/evochronmercenary/downloads.htm
 Version 1.288 offers the following improvements, fixes, and changes:
- Dedicated size option added for custom display and HUD text.
- ’Clan Only’ voice chat mode enabled for receiving messages while in exit menu.
- Missile explosion animation system updated for more consistent rendering at higher FPS.
- Dynamic cube mapping for planetary water linked to ’High’ shader option in Options menu.
- Station detonator prices reduced to make them more accessible and potentially increase their use.
- Secondary throttle control input system updated to better support various gamepad/joystick devices.
- Text rendering system updated for improved efficiency and to eliminate flickering that may occur on some systems.
- Secondary weapon damage levels better aligned with armor specifications for each frame type.
- AI ship construction system updated for Saber and Raven frames for better wing placement.
- Additional proximity checks added to construction system to prevent ’station stacking’.
- Station detonator availability increased through reloading option at specific locations.
- Player built trade station limit set to 50 for each 500 sector territory control zone.
- Clan territory control rate credit increased by 500% for player built trade stations.
- ’Black warp gate’ issue on Nvidia GeForce 400 and 500 series of video cards fixed.
- Military frames now have significantly greater primary weapon energy reserves.
- Military frames can now have up to eight equipment components.
- Military frames now have one cargo bay slot.
- Several minor bug fixes.

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