Robot Fighting Action MMO C21 Kicks Beta Into Gear

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C21 is ready to throw open doors for the beta testing of the robot fighting MMO. The action-focused MMORPG sets you as a member of a Neo Angel Force and you must defeat the Devil Robot Force to bring peace to the galaxy.C21 robot fights

C21 accounts may be registered on the Official C21 Website,
Registration starts today, April 7th, from 12:00 noon, two hours before the start of the beta test itself. Anyone who wants to play may register an account; no special key is required!

Players who participate in the Closed Beta Test will automatically receive over 50 robots to play with during the test. Experience points and money during the test will be gained at triple the normal rate,allowing players to quickly advance through the game.

Play C21, earn prizes in CosmicBreak!

CyberStep will be offering players of their popular third person shooter, CosmicBreak, special prizes for participating in the C21 Closed Beta Test. Everyone who achieves the first rank up in C21 will receive a limited edition Pawnger SILVER robot in CosmicBreak. Additionally,  players who help find and correct bugs in C21 will be eligible to receive rewards in Rt, CosmicBreak’s premium cash currency! Of course, C21 players who are new to CosmicBreak may create CosmicBreak accounts and claim their prizes after the C21 Closed Beta Test is over.

Official C21 Website:

Official CosmicBreak Website:

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