Uncharted Waters Online World Race Challenge Sets Sail

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The race to circumnavigate the globe begins today! In 1522, Magellan completed his journey around the world via the West Passage, an achievement that revealed the ocean’s deepest uncharted waters onlinesecrets. As a result, nations from around the world sent their own top explorers to discover new territories and bolster the nation’s reputation. To pay tribute to Magellan’s historic voyage, Uncharted Waters Online is hosting the World Race Challenge, pitting players head to head in a tense race around the world! After activating the quest, races are independently managed, rewarding the top 20 fastest explorers with awesome prizes (and bragging rights to boot).

World Race Challenge details:
• Application Period: April 8th – April 15th, 2011
• Race Period: April 15th – May 9th, 2011
• Winners Announced: May 16th, 2011

Uncharted Waters Online is known for its historical content and methodical, strategic gameplay. The new World Tour race provides a shot of adrenaline, letting players discover a brand new way to enjoy the game.

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