Konami Gets into Clothing with Metal Gear Solid Line

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Dress like Solid Snake and take out your enemies... no, not quite. The new Metal Gear Solid: metal gear solid peace walker field shirtPeace Walker clothing line won’t make you stealthy or able to sneak past enemies and no, there is not a box to hide under, though if you order enough I suppose the box it comes it would be large enough to do that.

The clothing line features some military-influenced items and some t-shirts. 

 The clothing line was created in partnership with musterbrand LLC, a global design group focused on bringing digital creations to the real world.

The collection, featuring well-known PEACE WALKER images, includes coats, sweatshirts, pants, t-shirts, and hats, all inspired by clothing worn by characters in game, is now available for purchase online in the US and Canada at www.metalgearsolid-store.com. Additional items in the clothing line will be released quarterly and surrounding certain special events throughout the year.

The items are, as one might expect, overpriced. $99 gets you a pair of field pants while $69 gets you a field shirt (pictured above). The T-shirts are $29.99 each and have either a Peace Walker or Fox logo on them. The big item in the line is the Field coat which retails for $189.

You would really need to feel the love for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to buy this stuff. I’m not saying it’s ugly because I quite like the look of it all. I’m just saying it’s expensive.

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