Killing Floor Gets Leaked Portal-themed Prototype Level

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It’s strange when a game company comes out and says that something was leaked, in an update that they most likely submitted. They claim it a Potato Fool’s day prank (which was Killing floorSteam’s April Fool’s) yet they then offered a gallery of screen shots and say:

It has been brought to our attention that Killing Floor has updated for all clients, with a full, free, new Portal-themed prototype level. This is a complete, fully-functional level, but was not yet due for release. While we are investigating the source of the leak, everyone who owns Killing Floor is welcome to explore the new level and let us know what you find! We suspect that this may be part of the bedlam that has been going on since Potato Fool’s Day.

Here are a couple screens:

Killing floor portal level

And a few links to some others:

Shot 14
Shot 16
Shot 24

Whether or not it was a prank or a leak matters not to most gamers. What matter is whether it’s fun or not I suppose. Unfortunately we haven’t got Killing Floor in the office presently or I would have gone to check the level out myself. If you’ve got it, let us know what you think.

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