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Petroglyph dropped us a note to let us know that a new community interview with the devs went up over at the Rise of Immortals site. Here’s the first few questions and a link to the full post.Rise of Immortals gameplay

We chat with the community on some of the latest questions posted in the forums! Topics range from PvP/PvE, instances, the Immortals themselves, to grouping with friends and guildmates. Read on!:

Reality: "How is Rol different compared to other MOBA Games?"

Petroglyph: Rise of Immortals can be described as a MOBA game with added features that build upon the core PvP team experience. There is the hub where you can gather with other players to organize battles and discuss strategies, persistence on the Immortal with balanced matchmaking, PvE scenarios, amongst other features still in development.

PrivateSniper: "How many "dungeons" are you currently planning on creating?"

Petroglyph: We’re planning on two PvE instanced maps @ launch; one for up to 3vE and another up to 5vE. PvP is currently our primary focus in our closed beta phase with PvE becoming more important after we ensure the core experience is solid first.

Sayan: "Is this game server/client based or peer2peer?"

Petroglyph: The game is fully client-server based and runs on custom servers hosted by Petroglyph. This means more consistent network and general game performance for all players.

Want to read more? Head over to the Rise of Immortals forums and join the discussion.

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