Tales of Pirates II New Skills Run Down

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All the classes will benefit from tremendous boosts to their combat prowess thanks to the new skills, but that’s not the only difference you can expect. Precise stat attacks, astounding visuals and a myriad of new strategic options promise to thrill even the most experienced players. Without giving too much away, here are some clues about how each class will be affected by these new skills.tales of pirates II


With boosts to all stats, fast and furious is the best way to describe Crusaders who take advantage of the new skills.


No longer limited to a tanking-only approach, Champions will have the ability to trade off some defense for more offensive skills. At critical moments, steadfast Champions can sacrifice themselves to save their comrades.


The benevolent and angelic Clerics are protected by the blessings of the Gods, enabling them to resurrect themselves after death.

Seal Master

If Clerics are angels, then Seal Masters are devils. A satanic pact gives Seal Masters mastery of the darkest spells and curses that inflict excruciating pain upon their enemies.


Guns won’t be the only choice for Sharpshooters anymore. With the addition of incredible archery skills, Sharpshooter attacks will be even more dangerous.


Voyagers have always been true friends of the seas. Harnessing the powers of the ocean to protect themselves, Voyagers will be able to prolong the duration of their spells and deflect incoming attacks.

With such massive power boosts and precise stat attacks, only a fool will underestimate an opponent empowered by these new skills. Who will reign supreme in PvP and lay claim to the title of the most feared and notorious pirate on the seven seas? It could be you, but only if you log in and grab the new skills that will soon be waiting in Tales of Pirates II!


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