SOCOM: Special Forces Video Fly Through of All Multiplayer Maps

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Zipper Interactive published fly throughs of all of the multiplayer maps in the upcoming SOCOM: Special Forces, and as an added bonus along with omments from the designers and artists behind their creation.

Click on the map names or thumbnails watch the videos.

SOCOM SF Cesspool miniCesspool
Cesspool takes place in a Southeast Asian slum and surrounding urban decay. We drew inspiration from the campaign mission Means to an End (and a scene or two from the Incredible Hulk film), and especially wanted to incorporate the almost maze-like layout most real world slums seem to have. This was actually the second multiplayer map built for SOCOM: Special Forces (the first map built will sadly never see the light of day).
- Christian Sadak, Designer

Sacrifice is a map that was assembled with a lot of verticality in mind. Towards the end of production we had a review of all of our multiplayer maps. Sacrifice was about 70 percent complete at that point and originally took place in a large valley. It felt too similar to our previous ruins map “Abandoned”, and overall the map was quite flat. After multiple tests we decided that it just wasn’t working, and we needed to do a full reset. With a fresh start we decided to mix it up, and try to push the vertical aspect for the new layout. After a few weeks of re-assembly we arrived with the level playing out on the side of a cliff. Adding this vertical element really changed up the gameplay; it not only keeps players on their toes, having to watch their flanks, but they have to watch for bullet fire from above as well. Gaining the high ground and defending it is the key to victory on this map.
- Chris Miller, Artist

Bale Out
A temple courtyard in this jungle village is host to a make-shift supply depot, flanked on either side by streams and clusters of stilted huts, windmills and rice silos. A stalled convoy of trucks winds its way through the village along a dirt road. Strangely desolate, the deserted trucks and abandoned livestock anticipate the impending struggle for control. Fighting on this map will often be confused with much back-and-forth, but the central temple will always be hotly contested for its resupply opportunities. 
- Chris Donovan, Artist

Outpost takes place in a military forward operating and supply base, based off of the campaign levels “Uninvited Guest” and “Countdown”. This map was initially much larger and included more military complex elements (airfields, artillery batteries, etc), but was scaled down when we wanted to ensure SOCOM: Special Forces included smaller, more intimate maps (in the same vein as Desert Glory or Night Stalker). A favorite at Zipper is to play this map with only shotguns and grenades and let the chaos ensue!
- Christian Sadak, Designer

Von Heine Express
Von Heine Express is the largest environment-based map in SOCOM: Special Forces, primarily created for players seeking medium- to long-range combat. The train tracks passing through the center of the map create the shortest route between spawns, while the large areas on either side of the tracks are great for flanking enemy positions. However, the wide-open spaces and long sight lines in Von Heine Express create the ideal playground for snipers, so be sure to stick to the rocks and vegetation as you don’t want to be caught out in the open in this mission.
- CJ Heine, Designer

Assault & Battery
Assault & Battery really takes players into the jungle. Its dense nature and overgrown aesthetic encourages players to stalk their prey from the brush; mastering this play style for this map will definitely give you the edge. In some game modes players can risk climbing the center tower to gain access to BXM 500 sniper rifle — a great reward for anyone willing to expose themselves to a 360 degree threat. The open layout of Assault & Battery can be taxing on new players, but taking the lower routes, hiding in brush, and staying behind tall cover is key to being successful on the battlefield.
- Chris Miller, Artist

Rush Hour
Set on a heavily-damage elevated freeway, Rush hour is a fast map with clearly defined routes that always lead to the hotly contested center. The daring and skillful can push right up the crumbled overpass smack in the center of the road. Sweeping overpasses provide elevated flanking routes for strategic approaches. Shattered windows and crumbled concrete give access to building interiors perfect for defensive stands or methodic room-to-room clearing.
- Chris Brockett, Designer

Port Authority
Port Authority takes place in and around a shipyard dry dock. We drew inspiration from the shipyards and dry docks in New York City (especially one photograph in particular). This map in particular has lots of good sniping and overwatch areas that can only be reached via climbing, jumping, or vaulting.
- Christian Sadak, Designer

Abandoned shouldn’t be a stranger to anyone who has been playing SOCOM since the beginning. This MP map has been a staple since the beginning of the franchise, and it’s now been re-envisioned for SOCOM: Special Forces. While it looks different than you may remember, great efforts were taken to ensure the layout remains completely intact. Originally released on SOCOM 1 it became a fan favorite, and then returned in SOCOM 2 in the cover of nightfall. Now we’ve taken it back to its roots and over the top. It’s been a while since players have had their hands on this map, so during that time the natural elements have encroach upon it. It’s really overgrown and thus “abandoned”.


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