XCM Announces Swapper and Cross Battle Adapter 2.1

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So you love your wireless Xbox 360 controller and want to you it on your Playstation 3? Well, you can thanks to the brilliant guys over at XCM.

XCM swapper and cross battle

XCM Swapper

Many PS3 shooting games do not give you the option to use L2 and R2 to aim and fire. But why be forced to use L1 and R1 to aim and fire if you’re not comfortable with that controller setup? XCM Swapper gives you an option to swap those keys to suit your personal gaming preference. Not only can the triggers be swapped to however you want, but you can also swap any button (except PS Home button) to any position that you like. The XCM Swapper lets you do swap buttons that games won’t allow you to do. Re-enjoy your games.


Cross Battle Adapter 2.1

(now works with WIRELESS Xbox 360 controller)

The Cross Battle Adapter 2.1 is an adapter for you to connect your WIRELESS Xbox 360 controller to your PS3/PS3 Slim console.

Function and feature:

o        Supports WIRELESS Xbox 360 controller on a PS3/PS3 Slim console*

o        Built-in Auto fire function

o        Supports Rumble

o        To use WIRELESS Xbox 360 controller with built-in Auto fire function on Xbox 360 console, you MUST use a WIRED Xbox 360 controller in order for adapter to be recognized**

*NOTE: Xbox 360 PC Wireless Gaming Receiver must be required.
**NOTE: WIRED Xbox 360 controller must be required. No Play & Charge Kit


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