Section 8: Prejudice Pre-orders and New Stats Portal Video

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On May 4 Section 8 fans will get their hands on TimeGate’s latest, and pre-orders for the digitally-distributed shooter have launched at Steam, Direct2Drive and the Games for section 8 prejudiceWindows marketplace. Details are as follows:

Steam: 10% discount for pre-order -  Yes, this means the game is only $13.49)

Games for Windows Marketplace:Pre-order Section 8: Prejudice and unlock the Explosion Pack on day one! Use the Riot Mod Pulse Cannon to demolish clusters of enemies with multiple pulse rounds, or detonate the Concussion Detpack explosive to slow down opponents and damage shield defenses. -

Direct2Drive: Pre-order Section 8: Prejudice and unlock the Lightning Pack on day one! Strike with the EMP Round Pulse Cannon to drain opponents’ energy over time and devastate shield defenses, or unleash the Tagger Round Sniper Rifle to tag enemies and track their every move.

 Also they’ve put out a video showing off an amazing amount of stats that’ll be tracked in the game.

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