Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes Get Epic Patch, New Features

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Meridian4 and Headup Games are aiding in your mission to protect the kingdom from the merciless Dark Church cult with new updates for Grotesque Tactics – Evil Heroes, available now on most digital portals, including Steam. Grotesque tactics evil heroes

The update includes 30+ gameplay updates, all of which can be found here  A sample of the updates includes:

  • New NPCs - meet additional characters going about their daily routine as you protect the kingdom;
  • New camera options - gain a new perspective of the land and your triumphant battles;
  • Improved conversation behavior and text - communications with other characters has been enhanced;
  • Enhanced graphics – the sharpness of the graphics will be as on point as your sword;
  • Steam achievements – earn 10 Steam achievements, including Emo-Etiquette, Good Cop/Bad Cop, and Motherthumper. 

The Dark Church has murdered the kingdom’s heroes and knights, and it is up to you to protect the empire from this merciless cult.  Players are given the arduous task of finding valiant soldiers to aid them in combat.  However, The Dark Church has utterly destroyed the kingdom, and all you are left with are less-than-reliable soldiers and jealous maidens who follow you into battle as your groupies.  Once your army is assembled, deploy up to 10 heroes in tactical battles to take on the Dark Church and their mysterious special abilities.

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