Playstation Network To Be Fully Operational by May 31st

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The saga continues, in the last episode the PR teams at Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide had been mobilized to do damage control because of the apparent lack of security on the SCE and SOE networks. This resulted in massive pilferage of vital data from potentially a hundred million users.

Sony, in an effort to combat the infiltrators unleashed an army of security consultants and brought the space station, er, network service offline for further inspection. During that inspection they realized that loads of bank info for Europeans had been taken and quite possibly credit card info for Americans.

Sony powered death star

Then Sony Online Entertainment went down (Free Realms, Everquest, etc) because they too had been devastated by secret infiltrators (not Anonymous, FYI). Speculation is that this was in fact an inside job and someone attached in some way to the network might have been involved as it also sounds like there was some physical security breach.

This prompted Sony to pull the whole network into a more secure location (per their messages). Because of all of the problems, several government agencies have requested Sony give up the goods and report back on the potential problems and how it all happened (basically to see if Sony is somehow at fault here and can be slapped hard on the buttocks).

Then, last week, the service was supposed to start rolling out when, what?! More intrusions were found? More strength testing internally needs to be done?

When will the Death Star Playstation Network actually be back online? Reports from the company now say that it won’t be fully operational until the end of May. That would be more six weeks of down time.

Sony is working to make sure that everyone hangs tight. Since Europe is a messy diverse array of varying laws and governances, they can’t just pop off a one-shot identity theft program like they did for the United States so they will continue working on that.

Meanwhile, gamers will get some free games out of it all. In the EU PS3 owners will get four games (chosen from a list of five) and PSP users will pocket two (from four on offer). I have both, does that mean I get six games?

Like I’ve said in the past, I just want to make sure they cover me on the identity theft and repay me for the lost time on any paid subscriptions. If they want to chuck in some free games, I am more than happy to add them to my collection.

This is going to certainly be a dark time for the Empire Sony as it tries to sort out all the complex problems they’re having, which seems to mainly focus on them thinking that they were too big and too good to be hacked and then went limp on some other security.

To be continued...

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