A Valley Without Wind Progress Report

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Arcen Games has a trio of items to share related to our upcoming procedurally-generated action adventure title A Valley Without WindA valley without wind
CEO and lead programmer Chris Park has written up a new Q&A inspired by several questions from a user on our forums. In it, Park responds in length on a few major subjects regarding AVWW’s world including economies and crafting. Discussion includes crafting process, resource properties, plans for a unique economy set-up, and in what ways crafted items can differ from one another.
A Valley Without Wind now has a Facebook page for fans of the game and users of the social site to follow along in the game’s development process. We’re hoping it will be another solid place for interested parties to get updates and discuss the game with us. 
A Valley Without Wind is currently set for official release on PC and Mac in October 2011, with a playable Beta build available to customers who pre-order coming this summer. 
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