DragonFable Chapter One to End Friday the 13th with Major Event

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Sepulchure is set to launch an attack on Friday, the 13th, in order to gain control of the eight Elemental orbs. Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to stop him from getting them all.Dragonfable

This Friday, May 13th, at 8 PM EDT participate in the grand finale of DragonFable’s longest-running storyline.  

DragonFable is Artix Entertainment’s second oldest game. It was launched in the summer of 2005 and, just like AE’s five other games, it releases new content every Friday. One of the very first storylines introduced in the game was about a very powerful villain named Sepulchure trying to find and collect all eight of the game’s elemental orbs.  Elemental orbs are very powerful objects that give whoever possesses the orbs great power over those elements (fire, water, earth, etc). Throughout the past six years, players have fought very difficult battles to find all of the orbs and keep them out of his evil hands. Sepulchure is a powerful enemy, and he controls three of the eight orbs. The next epic battle this Friday will be the most challenging confrontation yet – Sepulchure will attempt to take control of the remaining five orbs.

Darkness is strongest on every Friday the 13th, and this year, 2011, there is only one. Sepulchure has been waiting very patiently for the darkest day of the year to arrive and that day is Friday. Be part of this grand adventure this Friday at 8 PM. 

Once this epic battle is over and the Chapter 1 storyline concludes, DragonFable will continue growing into new and exciting adventures and challenges. Stay tuned for upcoming news about the game’s Chapter 2… players will be surprised!

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