Sony Password Change Flaw Found

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The continuing saga of the Sony Playstation Network hack continues.oops...we forgot to close that gaping hole

After taking down the service for a month to tighten security, they then put up a page that allowed you to change your password. With the proper combination of information (email and birthdate) it was possible to change the password without confirming it. That means that the hackers could have once again got into the system and started changing passwords without the system sending out confirmation emails.

The page in question has been pulled down by Sony as of last night and no ETA on return was given.

This means that if you didn’t get your password changed over the past few days you’ll need to wait. However, you can still log into everything [PSN, PSP and PS3] as you normally would.

After all this alleged hard work on securing the network and systems from hackers and they leave a massive hole like that open? It seems they’re all overworked over at Sony network security these days because that just seems like a beginner error to me.

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