Despair to Cover the Land on June 16th in Runes of Magic

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On June 16th, 2011, Frogster will open the gates to the much anticipated fourth chapter of Runes of Magic and players will finally have access to the Lands of Despair. In this new chapter a terrible Runes of Magic Lands of Despairpestilence has spread throughout the land, transforming the citizens of Taborea into mindless zombies and wreaking havoc in all but one enclave: Kempeltown, under the rule of the Grafu family. The truth behind the deadly pestilence lies behind the Grafu family’s castle walls, and only after defeating the zombie horde, Lord Grafu and his daughter, the Puppet Master Annelia, will players uncover the dark secrets that threaten to bring further misery to the land.

Four new zones will be introduced in Lands of Despair, as well as two new instances and countless added features, including the multi-class system - making Lands of Despair the most exciting chapter of Runes of Magic yet. The Dwarves and Rhinos will also stir things up, facing off on the battlefield with their massive war machines.

To go along with the announcement, the design of the website has been updated to match the look of chapter IV. To check out the new website and for more information on Runes of Magic, visit

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