Lucent Heart Offers Strange Matchmaking for Social Interaction

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Lucent Heart is shaping up to be a bit of a strange MMO from Gamania. The game is not only set to cater to a wide range of players but also to help them interact socially. This has always been a sort of weak point in many MMOs and generally when I play one I don’t really talk or interact with others much. I’m not in a guild, super group, clan, fleet, or anything of the sort. So I’m almost always playing the MMO in solo mode.LUcent heart to use zodiac matchmaking

Lucent Heart is aiming to make sure you’re never alone with some new features that are built into it.

Lucent Heart has been designed from the ground up to provide players with extraordinary depth, background, lore, charactisation and adventure coupled with an all encompassing social experience.

With Lucent Heart, it is the zodiac which is key in bringing the right players together from every background to build, fight, craft and even love within the mythical realm of Acadia. When creating characters to explore these fantastical lands, as well as choosing their name, gender and appearance, Lucent Heart requires new players to provide their birth dates and star signs as well.

As a player develops their character and skills, they are quickly encouraged to visit ‘Cupid’, whose matchmaking system asks players to take a personality test which matches star signs and characteristics to other players. Once matched, players are encouraged to team up, socialise in-game and get to know each other. If they choose, they can advance their relationship to enjoy an array of added benefits including improved experience gains and buffs when teaming together, a selection of new emotes which add additional powerful buffs and advantages, and access to new dungeon instances and unique special items. Having the right selection of partners and team-mates to play with enhances the in-game dynamic, making gameplay more enjoyable and more memorable.

This experience is further enhanced with the daily horoscope system that uses the player’s birth date to determine the effect of the zodiac on the key character attributes of Love, Battle, Work, Wealth and Agililty. Players are presented with their fortune when they enter the game and each day these attributes are boosted, or diminished, depending on your horoscope. Some days will be better for battle, whilst others will be more suitable for finding love. All of this has an effect on players’ characters and their abilities.

It is at this point where a player’s partner or team can help them. They can change their strategies to aid each other, providing greater protection or taking greater risks. There is no formula to how Lucent Heart can, or should be played, it all depends on how the players want to play the game, and of course what their stars are saying that day!

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