PSP Remastered Collection to Renew Titles for PS3

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Perhaps it is just me, but does this mark the end of creativity? It seems like Sony is basically saying that we don’t need any new games and instead simply need remakes of old PSP games, to play on the PS3. Sony PSP remakes

Now I agree, there are some really great PSP games out there that could use some great new graphics and benefit from all the advances the PS3 has brought to gaming. But I sure hope that they don’t end up being like some other recent remakes where it’s pretty much exactly the same game with some slight upgrades.

According to statements by Sony, that won’t be the case. All of them will have boosted graphics, some will get 3D. Additionally, all of the games will be able to read old game save data (you didn’t delete all those old saves did you?!). Finally, they should also use ad hoc mode.

The question is, what’s the difference between these and PS minis? It seems like they’re just about the same thing except that these are remakes of old games where many of the Minis were new IPs. I’m reminded that what’s old is new again and I suppose that publishers will jump at the chance to put little effort in and get back big rewards by playing on many gamers’ feelings of nostalgia for the ’good old days of gaming.’

Personally, I think the good old days of gaming are happening right now. We have more choice in how we game and more games than ever before.

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